About me

Once upon a time, in a land of windmills, wooden shoes and tulips, there lived a little girl who loved movies.

That little girl, that’s me! I’ve grown up a little and am twenty-two years old now. I currently live in the Netherlands and I’ve always loved movies, but my real love for them began in 2014. I had lots of free time and filled it up with watching movies. A few of my favorites include The Lion King, Notting Hill, Forrest Gump and Les Misérables. Talking about Les Misérables: My favorite actor is Eddie Redmayne.

My dream is to work in the film business someday. I graduated in 2022 and got my diploma in Communication and Multimedia Design. The ultimate work-goal would be to be a graphic designer in film. One can dream, right?

Another interest of me – besides movies – is traveling. I’m always eager to learn more about countries, places and cultures. I don’t think I’ll stay in the Netherlands for the rest of my life. I hope to live abroad for a while.

What can you expect on this blog? My answer is anything that has got something to do with movies, tv or other forms of entertainment. New trailers, reviews, soundtracks, underrated movies: Roughly anything!

So as you’ll probably notice about the name of this blog, I love chick flicks, but that’s not all! Drama, romance, musicals, comedy, action, sci-fi, foreign film – the only genre I’ll never watch, is horror.

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