About me

Once upon a time, in a land of windmills, wooden shoes and tulips, there lived a little girl who loved movies.

That little girl, that’s me! I’ve grown up a little and am twenty-one-years-old now. I currently live in the Netherlands and I’ve always loved movies, but my real love for them began in 2014. I had lots of free time and filled it up with watching movies. A few of my favorites include The Lion King, Notting Hill and Les Misérables. Talking about Les Misérables: My favorite actor is Eddie Redmayne! I love the way he acts every role like it should be, like a total professional.

I’m currently in my fourth year of higher education. I’m studying Communication and Multimedia Design and I absolutely love it! Maybe I’ll be working in the movie business in a few years, who knows…

Another interest of me – besides movies, is traveling. I’m hoping to see much more of the world than I have now.

What can you expect on this blog? My answer is anything that has got something to do with movies. New trailers, reviews, soundtracks, underrated movies: Roughly anything!

So as you’ll probably notice about the name of this blog, I love chick flicks, but that’s not all! Drama, romance, musicals, comedy, sometimes action – the only genre I’ll never watch, is horror.

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