2020 Oscar nominations and predictions

  • 2019

BIG NEWS: The 2020 Oscar nominations are in! I was really looking forward to them – who will be the big surprise? Who will be missed? Here are all the nominations and my predictions who’ll win. Do you agree? Best Picture Ford v Ferrari The Irishman JoJo Rabbit Joker Little Women Marriage story 1917 Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood Parasite Best Actor in a Leading Role Antonio Banderas –… Read More »2020 Oscar nominations and predictions

Let’s talk 2019

That’s it for 2019. 2019 has been a rough year personally. You might have noticed that I haven’t been active for a while, but I’m back! I’ll be picking up again on blogging and my socials will be active again. I already have started preparations for some exciting new things! Blog recap My blog is slowly gaining more readers. Whereas I had 0 visitors in the first half of 2019,… Read More »Let’s talk 2019

Verdict: Is Disney+ worth it?

Today is the day: The long-awaited Disney+ is here! It’s being released in the USA, Canada and The Netherlands today, next week in New Zealand and Australia and in March in even more countries like Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain. I have been able to use it for two months here in the Netherlands and in these two months, I have watched an entire series and about 20… Read More »Verdict: Is Disney+ worth it?

Remember, remember

…the fifth of November. It’s been 14 years since V for Vendetta was released. I have seen it twice and I was still in awe the second time I saw it. Here’s a blog post dedicated to this film. Plot V for Vendetta is a truly unique movie. It’s based on a comic book released from 1982 till 1989, with a plot based on the Gunpowder plot of 1605. Set… Read More »Remember, remember

The Laundromat – review

  • 2019

The Laundromat was released on Netflix a week ago. A movie with a very promising plot, yet it lacks something. Read my review here. A movie starring Meryl Streep, Antonio Banderas and Gary Oldman sounds like an instant hit, one that can’t be bad. While in my opinion the story of the Panama Papers is well told, it doesn’t do what it promised to do. What they tried to do,… Read More »The Laundromat – review

10 movies to watch in autumn

Autumn has started – the leaves are turning brown, rain is coming down from the sky and sweaters are back. On rainy days, there’s nothing I’d rather do than to watch films – preferably chick flicks. Cuddling up, sitting beneath a blanket with a glass of hot tea. Here’s a list of 10 movies to watch in autumn. The Devil Wears Prada Andy is a young journalist looking for a… Read More »10 movies to watch in autumn

First impressions of Disney+ (review)

Three days ago I woke up. I slept great, and part of my waking-up routine is checking the news. I woke up to the very best news I could ever have imagined: Disney+ is available in my country only, for free! 80 hours later; time for a review! The application First impressions matter. The first impression when I logged in into Disney+ was very good. The design is very clean,… Read More »First impressions of Disney+ (review)

Let’s talk development in animated movies

Animated movies have come a long way. Ever since the first animated movie that consisted of 700 hand-painted frames in 1888, a lot has changed. Especially in the last three decades. I’m going to take you on a time travel journey from that movie in 1888 to now. Also included: My favorite animated movies and some trivia. 19th century Before animated movies came into our existence, there was a device… Read More »Let’s talk development in animated movies

Disney+ news I’m most excited about

It’s been a week since the D23 expo was held. A weekend filled with amazing Disney news, mostly regarding the upcoming streaming platform Disney+. I followed all the news that was announced regarding the platform and am excited about a LOT of the news. It started with Disney+ being released in my home country (The Netherlands) on the first release date (November 12th) but it ended with much more than… Read More »Disney+ news I’m most excited about

In the spotlight: Taron Egerton

If I were to name three of my favorite actors, my answer would be Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hanks and this guy, Taron Egerton. Tom Hanks is the most well-known name of this list (obviously), Eddie Redmayne gained a lot more fame through the Fantastic Beasts franchise but Taron Egerton is still on his way to great fame. Biography Taron is 29-years-old and was born in England. His parents divorced when… Read More »In the spotlight: Taron Egerton