BIG NEWS: Oscar nominations are in!

This post was a live-blog. The livestream is over. You can still see the list for yourself and read my conclusion! Are you watching the ceremony on the 24th of February?   Big news in movieland! Although the Oscars are still a month away, the nominations weren’t revealed. Until now! I’m watching the livestream with the reveal and will be blogging during the livestream, to keep you updated on the… Read More »BIG NEWS: Oscar nominations are in!

Sequels ranked according to me

There are lots of movies that have sequels. Some of them have one sequel, some of them have two, but there are even movies with seven sequels (e.a. Harry Potter). I’ve seen a few, and I’ve made a list of some of them ranked according to my opinion of likeliness. High School Musical 1. High School Musical 2 (2007)2. High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)3. High School Musical (2006)… Read More »Sequels ranked according to me

Ralph Breaks the Internet, the premiere!

Thursday morning, I’m on the train to school. I get a notification from Instagram. “@pathe has mentioned you in a comment.” I’m like “What? Why?”. I open the notification, and there it says “Congratulations, you won tickets to the premiere of Ralph Breaks the Internet with three of your friends!” I immediately text my friends: “OMG. GUYS. I WON. I’M GOING TO THE PREMIERE OF RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET!!” And that’s… Read More »Ralph Breaks the Internet, the premiere!

December movie releases

The end of the year is near and I think we can all say that 2018 has been a great year for the cinema. But, the year’s not over yet! December will bring us even more great movies! Cinema Aquaman (December 13th) Arthur Curry learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and must step forward to lead his people and be a hero to the… Read More »December movie releases

Movies that made me cry – Part 2

A few months ago, I posted a blog Movies that made me cry – Part 1. A Part 1 can’t be a part 1 without at least a part 2, right? So that’s where I’m going today. To take a look at part 1, simply click here. 6. Me before YouMe before you is a movie from 2015 which is based on the book by the same name, written by Jojo… Read More »Movies that made me cry – Part 2

Why everybody should watch The Lord of the Rings

The first part of the trilogy was released 16 years ago. I was two years old when this happened. Now I’m 19-years-old and re-watched all the parts. I did watch them before, but only parts of it and I was younger than 12 I guess. I never wanted to watch them again, to be honest. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m glad I did. And I really think that everyone… Read More »Why everybody should watch The Lord of the Rings

November movie releases

Halloween’s just over, time for Christmas! There will be some Christmas movies coming to Netflix, but that’s not all that’s coming. I’ve made a list of some of the releases! All the descriptions come from IMDb because you know, I haven’t seen them yet 😉 Disclaimer: The release dates are the Dutch ones. To see when the film’s out in your country, I suggest looking it up on IMDb! Cinema… Read More »November movie releases

Must-watch: To all the boys I’ve loved before

Netflix is releasing lots of romantic movies lately. I’ve talked to you about The kissing booth, I’ve seen Set it up and the newest one is To all the boys I’ve loved before. And that’s exactly what I want to talk about today. I guess everybody has had crushes on people. Lara Jean did too. She wrote al her crushes letters – but she did not send them. She wrote… Read More »Must-watch: To all the boys I’ve loved before