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    Last few days I was on holiday (which is the reason that it took some time to make a new post). I went to Bologna, Italy. The city is beautiful, the people are nice and the food is too damn good. The city’s not too crowded, which makes it perfect for a citytrip.

    When I arrived and entered the city centre at the Piazza Maggiore, I noticed a lot of seats, neatly placed in rows in front of a huge screen. There happened to be a movie event where every night, a movie was being played on the huge screen for free.

    So, when I arrived at Thursday, a plan was made. We would go out for some dinner, and maybe watch the movie. As we payed our bill for the food, we noticed the time: 21:42. The movie started at 21:45, so we could make it!

    As we arrived, the hundreds of seats were taken, people were standing behind the chairs and some even sat on the ground. That last thing, we did too. We sat down on the very hot street and watched a movie.

    Most of the movies played in summer are classics, most of them are quite old. That also was the case at Thursday night, a movie from 1954 was played with classic actors Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart: Sabrina.

    The movie was about a girl, Sabrina (played by Audrey Hepburn), whose father was the chauffeur at a very rich family. The family had of a father, a mother and two sons: David and Linus. Sabrina has had a crush on playboy David since forever, but he doesn’t seem to notice her. As Sabrina is sent to a cooking school in Paris, she never forgets David. The grows way more mature and dresses real classy. When she gets back, all David sees is a beautiful, handsome young lady – he doesn’t know it’s Sabrina. Linus gets to watch Sabrina and David having a affair (David’s engaged to be married), and tries to pull them apart. He seduces Sabrina but eventually seems to fall in love with Sabrina. He wants to stick with his cruel plan to send her away again, but forgets what he really wants: Sabrina.

    The amazing place where the movie nights happened. From the 18th of June until the 15th of August in Bologna with movies like Sabrina, La La Land, Arrival and Grease.
    Sotte le Stelle Cinema – Translated to The stars of cinema.

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