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  • Last Thursday, Isn’t It Romantic was added on Netflix. I was looking forward to this movie so I couldn’t wait to finally watch it. Not-so-typical (but in reality, really typical) young woman wakes up in a rom-com world, even though she hates rom-coms. She might be falling in love for the hot guy but she forgets about her best friend.

    So Rebel Wilson has her first movie in which she is the star (totally deserved, I like her!). The rest of the cast consists of Adam Devine, Liam Hemsworth and Priyanka Chopra. Adam Devine plays Natalie’s best friend, Josh. Liam is Blake, the hot guy in her rom-com world and Priyanka Chopra is Isabella, so called ‘yoga ambassador’ who is interested in Josh.

    So, about the cliche’s. The story isn’t really original. I guess we all feel that rom-coms are nothing to the truth and most of us seem to love them for it. It’s SUCH a coincidence that Nathalie hates them. And then she ‘stars’ in one. The really hot guy who was a jerk at first, suddenly adores her. Her best friend (SPOILER!) whom she’s never seen as boyfriend material loved her and her friend from work suddenly is the office bitch. And the main character isn’t the typical ‘beautiful’ (but honestly, Rebel really is beautiful) and guys don’t seem to notice her at all. In the end, she obviously gets the good guy.

    “But why exactly do you love it?” The intention of this movie was to include all the clichés! Over 120 hints to rom-coms were intentionally added. These include New York City, kissing in the rain, Starbucks coffee and the outfits. Nathalie’s clothes when leaving the hospital are a very obvious hint to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Also, her red dress later on in the movie was heavily inspired on the dress Vivian wears when going to the opera in Pretty Woman. And the main character has a gay best friend. I absolutely love rom-coms, so I really wasn’t bothered by all these subtle hints. I liked the characters, the chemistry between them.

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    Isn’t It Romantic was a nice movie, just a typical rom-com. It wasn’t as good as Pretty Woman or Notting Hill, but I enjoyed it. However, I expected a bit more of it. On all the promotional poster, you saw Blake (Liam Hemsworth) using a saxophone, but he didn’t use it until the very end. A bit misleading, it made me think it was more of a musical thing, not a rom-com with two sung numbers. A missed chance, if you ask me.

    So my advice: If you like clichés in rom-coms and not looking for something too serious, go watch this movie! If you’re looking more for a rom-com with more quality and not all the predictability, go watch something like Crazy, Stupid, Love. or Notting Hill.

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