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  • So I’ve just watched the movie for the second time. I know it’s not that good of a movie*, but people seem to love it. So do I. But why, you ask?

    The Kissing Booth is by far the most cliché movie of 2018. Boy and girl are best friends, girl has a crush on the brother of her best friend. Brother doesn’t seem to like girl, but eventually did after all. They end together and live a happily ever after (that we know of, there might be a second part).
    It’s not that weird that teens seem to love it. The story was written by Beth Reekles, who started writing it on Wattpad when she was fifteen. Her story had 19 million reads and was noticed by Random House Books, where she was given a three-book deal. The Kissing Booth was translated in multiple languages and eventually led to it being filmed and distributed by Netflix.
    I love cliché movies. Give me movies like Notting Hill, The Duff, High School Musical and I will probably watch them non-stop. The more cheesy romance, the better. These movies always seem to have the same scheme: Two persons meeting, slowly getting romance, OH NO SOMETHING WENT WRONG and they eventually get a happy ending. So damn predictable, so damn good.
    The other thing with The Kissing Booth is the actors. It’s not the worst thing that you get to watch Jacob Elordi for more than one and a half hours, with multiple scenes where his sixpack is visible. Joel Courtney has got a few fans of himself, as does Joey King. They’re good actors and seem to fit perfectly for their roles.
    I’m totally in for a sequel! Are you? Leave a comment!
    * I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just predictable!


    Anna says:

    A sequel would be perfect! I've seen this movie last week (and that Noah boy…) and I liked it as well!

    Let me know what you think