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  • Golden Globes, BAFTAs, SAGs and tonight: The Academy Awards. Award Season is almost over, as the Oscars usually marks the end of Award Season. You can read everything you want to know about the most important movie awards here: From the differences between the most important awards this year’s winners.

    What’s the difference?

    Everybody knows (or has at least heard of) the biggest awards: The Oscars, BAFTAs, Golden Globes, SAGs and the Palme D’Or. There are a countless number of award shows, every film festival has one and some of them are bigger than others. I’ve listed the five most importanted below. Let’s take a look at the differences!

    Academy Awards

    The most prestige of them all – also known as the Oscars. They usually take place at the end of February/beginning of March. This year’s award show was moved up to the beginning of February though. It’s live on TV in over 200 countries worldwide.

    The Academy Awards are the oldest film awards. Started in 1929, it’s 91 years old. There are 24 awards that can be won, but the biggest of them are Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Picture – also known as the Big Five.

    The night is usually hosted by a comedian, but after Kevin Harts Oscar Debacle in 2019, the Academy decided not to name one host, but multiple.

    The Academy rewards winners an Oscar. This name was first used in 1939, although its origin in unknown. There are over 7000 members who are eligible to vote. Each category has its own experts to vote – only directors vote for other directors and so on. The only category that is open for everybody to vote on, is Best Picture.


    The BAFTA (British Academy Film Awards) finds it origin in 1947. The British Film Academy started that year, founded by a group of British directors. The first film award ceremony took place in 1949, where The Best Years of Our Lives (1945), Odd Man Out (1947) and documentary The World Is Rich (1947) were awarded the statue.

    The award ceremony is currently held at the Royal Albert Hall. It always takes place in February, to precede the Oscars. The BAFTA president is always a prominent man or woman from the UK. Previous presidents include (Lord) Richard Attenborough and The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, is currently President and awards the lifetime achievement award, the BAFTA Fellowship, every year. It was awarded to producer Kathleen Kennedy this year.

    The award ceremony isn’t on live tv. It’s broadcast with a delay. So don’t Google BAFTA when you’re watching and make the mistake to see the winners before they even have been announced (like happened to me the for the past two years).

    The award is a mask made out of bronze with a marble base and weighs 3,7 kg. There are 6500 people from the industry whom decide the winner. The host is always a British man or woman from the UK – Graham Norton was up this year.


    Golden Globes

    The Golden Globes ceremony combines film and TV awards. They take place at the beginning of January. The very first Golden Globe Awards were held in 1944 at the 20th Century Fox studios. There has been an honorary award since 1950, which was awarded to Cecil B. DeMille, which resulted it its name: Cecil B. DeMille award. Tom Hanks won the award this year.

    The nominees are chosen by HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association), who each name their top 5 choices in each category. Their favorite receives 5 points, their second-favorite 4 points and so on. This is done to avoid ties. The winner is chosen by the same members, but they only have to choose one from each category. If there’s a tie, the winner is the one that had the most votes in nominations.

    The Golden Globe statuette is literally a Golden Globe. The Globe stands on a long, cilinder base. It is hosted by a different person every year. Actor, writer and comedian Ricky Gervais was up to the job this year.

    Golden Globe


    The Screen Actors Guild Awards are the newest awards on this list. The first award was rewarded in 1995. The ceremony is held at the Shrine Auditorium. It is broadcast live in countries worldwide (sadly, not the Netherlands).

    The SAG Award awards prizes to both film and TV. Both categories have 2100 members who choose the nominations. The winners are chosen by all members (165.000 in 2012).

    The awards in a nude male holden two masks – a mask of comedy and a mask of tragedy – and is called The Actor. It weighs 5,4 kg.

    SAG award

    Palme D’Or

    The Palme D’Or stands out from all other awards on this list because it is only one award and from a film festival.

    The Cannes film festival is held anually in May in Cannes, France. It is invitation only. The festival first took place in 1946 but didn’t reward any prices until 1955.

    The winning movie must play on the festival (duh). There are two juries, but the Feature Films Jury votes for the film winner by a secret ballot. The jury members are chosen by the same committee that chooses the films. They’re all people from the industry, mostly directors and actors.

    The award is an golden palm presented in a case of leather lined with white suede.

    palme d'or

    2019 awards

    This years awards season has had some surprises. Netflix took home most nominations, but didn’t win a lot. The Irishman won none of the awards even though it was nomination the most. Take a look at the graphs below to see the movies who are nominated the most and who won the most (Academy Awards are excluded from the winners.)

    2019 film nominations
    2019 film winners

    My favorite awards moments

    I like watching award shows – I can take a look at all the stars, listen to their speeches and most of all: see who wins. Here are a few of my favorite moments from the last few years.

    2017: Wrong winner

    2018: Remember Me performance (which wasn’t on point at all)

    2019: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performance

    2020: Margot Robbie’s speech for Brad Pitt

    So, are you ready for the 2020 Academy Awards? I won’t be able to watch, I need my sleep. But I’m really excited to see who wins!


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