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  • Let’s talk about something personal. I like listening to music, I can’t use my laptop without any music on if I’m alone. But what do I listen to?

    Spotify is my go-to music app, in which I choose a playlist and listen to the music in it. Most of the time I choose a pre-made playlist, like Songs to sing in the shower, HIT rewind or Family Roadtrip. But you know, I’ve also made my own playlist full of my guilty pleasures.

    Those guilty pleasures are all songs from movies. Yeah, I’m that kind of person. Not like the beautiful instrumental background songs from The Lord of the Rings, but songs from musicals or soundtracks of famous movies. What kind of songs are those, you ask?

    My playlist is called Do you hear the people sing?, a reference to a song of the same name from Les Misérables. A lot of them are from Disney movies, I’ve also got Mamma Mia! and Grease. I’ve got I see fire from The Hobbit and Hands of Love from the movie of the same name.

    I’ve made a list of my favorites, which was really hard. The playlist consists of 157 songs… See my top 10 below.

    1. Hakuna Matata
    This is also my life motto. “Hakuna Matata, it means no worries, for the rest of our days” I’m always worrying about small things that don’t even matter, so it suits me. The Lion King is one of my favorites – If not my favorite, so #1 wasn’t hard to choose.

    2. Empty chairs at empty tables
    I’ve mentioned the love of Eddie Redmayne, right? It can’t be a surprise to see this song in the top 10 for anyone who’s seen Les Mis. At this point in the movie, Marius has lost all of his friends and goes back to the place where the fight was. Earlier on they gathered with all of their friends in this bar, but now he’s alone. There are only empty chairs and empty tables to find… This song can make me cry very easily.

    3. I will always love you
    s guilty pleasure, right? Whenever the song’s on, I’ll sing it out loud. By the way, I really can’t sing so it sounds like shit. I’ve seen The bodyguard three times and I’ve cried only at this point in the movie, at all three times. Is this a good sign or a bad sign?

    4. Everybody knows
    This is a song I’ve only recently discovered. It’s the soundtrack of Justice League. I’ve seen the movie, I’ve heard the song when watching, but I’ve only added it to my playlist three months back, when I heard it in another playlist and thought it was beautiful. The song is so powerful, the voice of the singer, Sigrid, sounds so sweet and yet so powerful.

    5. I see the light
    Tangled is, after The Lion King, my favorite disney movie! I like the way Rapunzel acts: She loves her life outside of the tower. The movie is about Rapuzel, who wishes to see the floating lights that are always there on her birthday. A lot happens in the meantime, where at the end she finally sees the lights. At this moment, she and Eugene start singing this song and all is perfect. The song, the place, them being together…

    6. Can I have this dance
    Sorry not sorry for this one. The High School Musical trilogy must be my ultimate guilty pleasure movie. I watch all three movies twice a year and have been doing this for four years, I guess. Part 2 is my favorite, yet this song’s from part 3. Part of having this song in my top 10 is the scene in the movies where this is played. Gabriella and Troy, dancing on the roof of the school, sunlight, rain: Perfect.

    7. The greatest show
    I had been looking forward to seeing The Greatest Showman when the first trailer came out. I loved the movie and all of the songs. This song was the hardest to choose for my top 10, there are too much likeable songs from The Greatest Showman. I’ve chosen this song because of the power, the whole movies comes together through this song.

    8. Hoedown throwdown
    Yet again: Sorry not sorry for this one. DCOM are all guilty pleasures, I guess. So is Hannah Montana. This song is in my top 10 because it was my favorite song for a while when I was younger. Hannah Montana The Movie just got out and sometimes Disney Channel broadcasted videoclips of movies. That’s where I first heard this one and danced the hoedown throwdown in front of the TV. Good times, good times…

    9. Wouldn’t change a thing
    And yet another sorry not sorry for you guys. I’ve talked about HSM, I’ve talked about Hannah Montana, only one more to go: Camp Rock (Okay, actually Camp Rock 2). I like Camp Rock 2 better than the first one, mostly because of the songs. (Oh and Joe Jonas got hotter in the meantime 😉 ) I love this duet between Joe and Demi and wouldn’t change a thing about it (Ha-ha, get the awful pun?!)

    10. Audition (the fools who dream)
    La La Land was another movie to which I was looking forward for a few months. When the movie got out, I watched it in the cinema and this song kinda gave me chills. Emma Stone starts talking with kind of a singing voice, and as the song goes on, her voice gets louder and louder and in the end it’s really powerful. The story she’s telling is beautiful, so is her voice.

    Have you got any suggestions to add to my playlist or do you want to share your own personal top 10? Leave it in the comments.


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