Movie ABC

Let’s try something new. I’m going to make a list with the alphabet and the first movies I can name with these letters. I’m not going to use Google or any other tools. I will film the typing of the list, a  video can be found below. (Not the video of the timing though, a much fancier video!)

A few predictions: The Q will be hard, the X will be hard too. If I don’t know any, I’m going to look on Google afterwards. Let’s see how good my brain works.

A: Avatar
B: Braveheart
C: Cruel Intentions
D: Drive
F: Forrest Gump
G: Gone Girl
H: Hugo
I: Inside Out
J: Jump
K: Kingsman
L: Love, Simon
M: Movie 43
O: Okja
P: Pan’s Labyrinth
R: Red
S: Stuart Little
T: The Lion King

U: Up
V: Vertigo
W: Wall-E
Z: Zoolander

I feel so bad, this went horrible. I guess my memory has let me down. So, what are my thoughts?
  • Why did I think of Cruel Intentions, I’ve never seen it, it’s not the most famous movie with a C. Try Cars, Captain America, Cinderella.
  • WHY COULDN’T I THINK OF A MOVIE WITH AN E? Easy A is one of my favorites, I’ve seen it too many times, why on Earth didn’t I think of that one.
  • Jump isn’t even a real movie? I guess I though of Jumper???
  • And why Movie 43? No Mean Girls, Mad Max, Mamma Mia!?
  • I could go on with all the letters where I haven’t named a single one. N = Now you see me, Q seemed hard indeed, X should be X-men, Y = you’ve got mail.
So, to conclude: Yes, I could name a few movies. Yes, it was hard. No, it didn’t go well. But please enjoy the video I made, now live on YouTube and IGTV!
What’s your movie ABC? Leave your list below! (And promise me not to Google)

Let me know what you think