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    “I want to gouge out the part of my brain that remembers this movie” cdlarsen-41638

    “Despite its flaws, Wrinkle is an enjoyable 109 minutes of film” SmashedandNasty


    “Space Oprah: The Motionless Picture” docrotwang


    “A Wrinkle In Story Telling, But A Warrior In Visuals” rgkarim


    “The audience cried and applauded – a film for anyone ready to open their heart” ilmffutyfl


    “This was withouth a doubt the most heart warming, intense, and majestic film of my life” blakebrown-09672

    These are some of the reviews on IMDb, regarding the 2018 A Wrinkle in Time. I have seen it, but what are my thoughts of the (apparently bad) movie?
    A movie with Reese Witherspoon and Oprah seems promising – at least big budget. The trailer also seemed promising, despite the thousands of comments of people reacting that it looked nothing like the book. I haven’t read the book, so I have nothing to compare the movie to.
    The first bit of the movie also seemed promising – a family with a missing father, smart parents, smart children, only to be bullied because ‘they are weird’. “Oeeeh, the little 6-year-old might be gifted, so cute.” And then Reese – Mrs. Whatsit – came in. At first I thought that it was a dream, but I’ve seen the trailer so it will probably be for real. There is a woman standing in their house, wearing something like a bed sheet with very bright, red hair. “Oh okay, what’s she doing on Earth? She doesn’t seem like she’s from here at all?” The little brother knows her, has met her before. She gets sent away and a little later they meet another weird woman – Mrs. Who- who only talks in quotes? “Wait, what? This is weird.” At this time, the weirdness doesn’t surprise me at all, I already knows it’s not a standard movie. It’s in the genre of fantasy for a reason.
    And the boy? What’s with him? They – Meg and Calvin – don’t seem to be friends, and yet he is there ‘because he felt like he should be there’? “Oh okay, I like him so he can stay!” And then the mighty Oprah appears. “Oh shit, she’s huge. Why is she big but the other ones normal sized?” And then they all disappear into the unknown – even the boy who didn’t seemed to be friends with Meg. “Shouldn’t they tell their parents that they’re gone? I needed to tell my parents every time I wasn’t home.”
    And then they all go to another planet. I loved the look of Uriel, everything was so bright and the little flowers were too cute to handle. And then Mrs. Whatsit changed her outfit. She changed to some kind of flower or cabbage – I really don’t know what’s it’s suppossed to be, but it was freaking weird. And the flying of the kids? What’s up with that? And why does Calvin suddenly fall? Too. Much. Questions.
    So, fast forward. I kind of forgot what came in between these scenes, but they’re going to the Happy Medium. “Oh my god, Zack Galhissurnameistoodifficult, he’s funny! And he’s called the Happy Medium, so I guess it fits him perfectly!” So yeah, there he was. A Happy Medium, with grey/black clothes. He didn’t seem to be happy at all. He helped them, so this was nice. And by the way, why is it MRS. Whatsit and still seemed to have hooked up or something with him. She must be married if it’s Mrs., right?
    Next, they seem to be at Camazotz, where the dark thing called the IT lives, where Megs and Charles Wallaces father supposedly is. (By the way, WHY DOES EVERYBODY KEEP SAYING CHARLES WALLACE WHEN CHARLES OR WALLACE IS MUCH SHORTER??? Maybe it’s because I’m lazy, but I would totally call him Charles instead of these two names.) Anyways, they arrive at Camazotz and the two older kids lose Charles Wallace. Then some kind of hurricane suddenly comes and they must run to a wall. I didn’t see a wall, but the kids seem to do so and start running. A wall starts becoming visible and it’s too high for them to reach the top. Smart kid Meg starts talking a bit gibberish tells Calvin to run to a tree trunk. “Wow, such coincidence that the tree reaches the right spot at the top of the wall.” And yes, cute kid Charles Wallace is still alive. He’s seen some houses, so that seems to be good. But I think they might have forgotten that they are at a planet that can’t really be trusted. So yeah, there a some weird kids throwing a ball at the ground and catching it again in the same rhythm. And then the moms all do the same thing in the same rhythm, except for one. She tells them to come in, eat a bit and sleep. All I could think of was that they shouldn’t fall for it, it’s obviously a trap. “YES, they’re going away. They shouldn’t eat at a place like this, where nothing and nobody can be trusted.”
    And that damn beach scene. “I would hate a holiday like that, in a overcrowded beach. The colours are bright though, I like them colours.” A crazy man comes towards them, he’s got a weird beard and weird clothes. He seemed okay though, but they really shouldn’t be eating that food. Meg’s smart, Calvin and Charles Wallace less. “DON’T EAT THE DELICIOUS LOOKING FOOD! I was proud of you three that you didn’t fall in the last trap with the weird mother telling them to come inside and eat, what makes you think that this food is okay?” And then the movie gets really weird.
    Charles Wallace eats a sandwich tasting like sand. While Calvin – who’s eating the same – doesn’t taste the sand. “Omg, something’s wrong. Why is the little one tasting sand and the other one doesn’t?” And then things get weird and I really don’t like this movie anymore. It was fine before, but right now, Charles Wallace is possessed and not even a bit cute anymore. And that weird guy with the beard has red eyes so can’t be trusted anymore too.

    So the three of them are in a weird white room and Charles Wallace is being weird. Super smart Meg sees weird things and climbs up on things we can’t see. The visual are cool here, though. “YESSS DAD’S BACK but how can he get back to Earth??” Meg walks down the stairs we can’t see again, so that problem is solved. The Charles Wallace problem isn’t.

    Fast forward a bit, Charles Wallace is fighting Meg. He’s like really, really, really possessed right now. And then Meg recalls the ‘gifts’ from the Mrs. and he’s getting normal again. I don’t know how she did it, but yeah, it’s a fantasy movie so yeah, everything is possible there.

    Yet again, fast forward. They’re back at Earth, which is nice. Jealous kid Veronica smiles at them (which is really weird, but I figured it had something to do with destroying the IT). So they go inside and are all nice for their mother. And then father comes back in and the family is whole again. I really want to know what happened next though… What does the world think of the returning of the father?

    The beginning was nice, a pretty normal adventure/fantasy movie. There were some really weird scenes and bits, but towards the end I didn’t really like the movie anymore. The visual were really, really great, so that’s nice. I totally agree with the IMDb review of rgkarim. I would give it a 5/10, it doesn’t deserve the 1/10 reviews on IMDb.

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