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  • Thursday morning, I’m on the train to school. I get a notification from Instagram. “@pathe has mentioned you in a comment.” I’m like “What? Why?”. I open the notification, and there it says “Congratulations, you won tickets to the premiere of Ralph Breaks the Internet with three of your friends!” I immediately text my friends: “OMG. GUYS. I WON. I’M GOING TO THE PREMIERE OF RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET!!” And that’s exactly what happened. Yesterday, the 8th of December, Amsterdam. The Dutch premiere of Ralph Breaks the Internet. And I’m here to write about the experience and the movie. Enjoy this read of what might by one of my favorite days thus far.

    The experience

    The cinema where the premiere was held, is the biggest cinema of the Netherlands, with 14 movie theaters and 3246 seats. This is nothing like the small cinema I usually go to. It was huge. We were going in, and I saw this escalator with lights on both sides and a round, cut-out cardboard circle which said “Ralph Breaks the Internet”. Yep, this is where we should be. We had to wait 15 minutes before going in, and one of my friends kept saying “Will there be a goodie bag?” Obviously, this was a joke (right?). We weren’t getting a goodie bag but we did get a bracelet which was the ticket for going in.

    And up the escalator we went. On the top floor were these people with ‘pop-ups’, which plays a part in the movie. On the right was the wardrobe, so we got rid of our coats and walked toward the theaters. A blue carpet on the floor, with Ralph on the background and you could get these cut-out attributes like a heart or an Instagram frame. We got a picture and moved on. There were these people that gave us free drinks which they ‘had to download’. A fun little detail! Next, we were a little blown away. FREE FOOD! On the tables, there it stood. Popcorn. A bag of candy. Drinks. FREE! Being Dutch, free is always the best. You should take advantage of this, so I grabbed everything and we got another picture. These were printed out immediately, and I’m going to cherish this forever. We were really early, so we walked around a bit and kept looking if there were any famous people around. I’m not very familiar with Dutch celebrities so I might have missed a few. I almost bumped into Frank Lammers though, the Dutch actor that voices Ralph. Sorry, Frank!

     The movie
    Time to watch the movie, then! We watched the trailer multiple times, they kept replaying it. I might have watched it 10 times. And then, it was almost time. Two people came in and had a few announcements. Now it really was time. Time to be the first people in the country to watch this movie.
    In the first movie, we see Ralph getting out of his game to become a hero. He meets Vanellope von Schweetz and – long story short – they become friends. The sequel shows their friendship, as they’re going on the Internet to find a steering wheel for Vanellope’s game on eBay. And boy, the internet is wonderful. Vannelope meets Shank, the main character of a racing game. And Ralph? He becomes internet famous. All for saving Vanellope, but was that even necessary?
    I would say I like this movie better than the first. It’s very modern and full of easter eggs. The animation is great (I didn’t expect otherwise, animations these days are always great), we’ll get to see what happened to the characters, six years after the events in Wreck-it Ralph. 
    The new characters were wonderful. KnowsMore is a search bar that tries to autocomplete what you’re going to search, Yesss is a great example of the Instafamous people these days, J.P. Spamley is what you would say – not very trustable – yet he turns out to be very helpful. Shank looks like a bad-girl, yet she becomes a great friend.

    Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the jokes. I won’t explain them (this makes them less funny, duh), but I will say that there are some great jokes around. Especially in the post-credits scenes. Keep watching until the end, it’s worth it!
    I really don’t want to spoil everything, but the movie’s worth watching. I’m giving Ralph Breaks the Internet 8 out of 10 popcorns!
    Studio: Walt Disney Animation Studios
    Directors: Phil Johnston, Rich Moore
    Voice actors: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, 
                         Taraji P. Henson, Alan Tudyk and Bill Hader
    IMDb page
    Free food!
    The bracelet/ticket
    The poster that turned out to be the goodie bag


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    I'm glad you could move the plans you had, I really wanted you to come along! Thanks Anna!♥

    Anna says:

    It was so much fun! THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting me come with you! I LOVED the movie, I 100% agree with your review!

    Let me know what you think