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  • Did you ever watch a movie that made a real impression on you? That you just couldn’t forget? That made you think? I did. Today, I want to talk to you about the absolute best movie I’ve ever seen, and why it’s such a good one.

    “So, what’s the best movie you’ve ever seen?”, you ask? It’s a sequel, and a pretty good one. I’m talking about Mean Girls 2. Take a look at 7 reasons why Mean Girls 2 is the best movie I’ve ever seen.

    So first of all: It isn’t hard to top Mean Girls. That movie was awful. Mean Girls 2 is a whole new level. The bad characters are gone (almost all of them, only Principal Duvall dared to come back after such a disaster in 2004), the bad actors are gone: It’s all better in Mean Girls 2.

    And then the story. A cool, hot chick, coming new to a dull school, to be bribed by the father of a not-so-popular girl for money? Why did nobody else think of this before?!

    The actors are the best I’ve ever seen. Meghan Martin in Camp Rock was amazing, but in Mean Girls 2 she’s better than ever before! You can’t even notice she’s acting, it all looks so real!

    At the beginning of the movie, the cliques in the parking lot: Why don’t other movies show the cliques that every school obviously has. No clique, no life! Also, it’s totally not a rip-off from Mean Girls.

    The pranks of the Mean Girls and the Jo-clan are the best I’ve ever seen. I mean, manipulating the father’s racing car and glueing Jo’s butt to her scooter? AMAZING!

    Stealing charity money to get the main character expelled from school was a great move to do. Nobody needs charity money anyway!

    The main character getting the boy was something I’ve never thought of before. I mean, Jo and Tyler had no chemistry at all and they are getting together at the end. Who would’ve known?!

    Just kidding. April fools! (Or as we in the Netherlands like to say “1 april, kikker in je bil, die er nooit meer uit wil!) Mean Girls 2 is awful, the acting is dreadful and Mean Girls is the only one true Mean Girls there will ever be. Please, don’t ever watch this movie. Just stick to the original! Later this week, a serious blog post will be online. Stay tuned!


    Anna Twenty Seven says:

    I truly thought this was genuine…. but funny indeed hahaha!

    Let me know what you think