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  • So as I guess you’ve already heard (or seen), there was a real Thanksgiving surprise with the release of the very first footage of The Lion King which will be released in July 2019. As I am a huge fan of the original, I was really excited! (I immediately whatsapped my friends the trailer, changed the lockscreen on my phone to the poster and commented on a few social media posts about it.)

    In the trailer we can see Simba, Mufasa and Rafiki, along with the voice of James Earl Jones as Mufasa and a rendition of The Circle of Life. A was quite nervous to see the footage: It’s a whole step away from the original animation. There were two possible outcomes: The movie would suck or the movie would be great. After seeing the trailer, I think it will be the second: great!

    All the animals look like real animals and they kept the landscapes pretty close to the original. The story looks the same (which we can’t really know for sure with only  a trailer) AND JAMES EARL JONES IS BACK!!!

    There are still a few questions left to answer: What will Pumba and Timon look like, is Beyoncé any good as Nala and of course: Will the movie be any good? My predictions are: A little bit creepy yet loveable, acceptable but not any better than the original and HELL YEAH! We will have to wait a while for the answer though…

    The Lion King will be released in July 2019. In the Netherlands on the 17th, most of the other countries on the 19th or a little bit later. 25 years later: I can’t wait!

    See the teaser trailer below and click here for a comparison between this teaser trailer and the original (which, holy beep, is amazingly accurate).

    The first and only poster released for this movie


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    I KNOW RIGHT?! It's a shame that Simba will have to grow up though 🙁

    Anna says:

    Simba looks SO CUTE! I can't wait!!!

    Let me know what you think