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  • Hi guys! This time, a blog post that’s a bit different. I’ve been thinking about changing things up a bit. I’ve made two decisions regarding my blog posts and my Instagram feed. Keep reading to know what they are!

    Monthly series

    I’m trying something new. When starting this blog, I wrote a blog post about the movie news of last week. I stopped doing this when school began. Later on, I started blogging every month with the movie releases of that month. I stopped doing that this month because I really want to make more use of Instagram. So the movie releases can be seen on my Instagram every first of the month. I don’t want to blog without a weekly/monthy series, so I’ve come up with something new!

    Let’s talk – blog series

    I’ve already made a blog in this series, without knowing. Let’s talk music was one of the first ever blog posts I made! I will be making a series out of this, where I talk about one subject each month. So not a movie in general, but things in general, like my favourite music. I can already give you a little Sneak Preview: The first (or actually the second) post in this series will be Let’s talk movie posters! You can expect a Let’s talk post every first week of the month (with the exception of this month, Let’s talk movie posters will be up later this week).

    Instagram feed

    If you’re not following me on Instagram yet, please do! I’m posting my watchlist on there, as well as pictures when a new blog post is up. In my stories, I’m keeping you updated with movie news and other things. My feed at the moment is a bit boring. That’s why I’ve changed it!

    From now on, my feed will be different. I’ve chosen 9 different background colours, based on the colours that most movie posters use. Take a look at a before and after below!

    I’m really excited for these changes – I’m hoping you’re too! See you later this week, at my Let’s talk post!


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