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  • Disney Plus was released over a year ago but has been lacking adult content. Not anymore! Disney Plus Star is the newest add-on, with a lot of new movies and shows added. Let’s take a look at Disney+ Star and its newly-added collection.

    How to use Disney Plus Star

    Let me start off by giving you some insight over how to use it. It’s not that difficult, although it requires some set-up. When you start up Disney Plus for the first time and click on “Star”, you’ll see some kind of confirmation screen. You have to check a few setting and set up a PIN. Afterwards, Disney Plus can be used as usual, although a PIN might be required for accessing the ‘adult’ content.

    Just like the National Geographic, Star Wars, Disney, Pixar en Marvel buttons, you’ll also see a Star button. This is where you access all of the Star content, although some might also be available on your home screen.

    Disney Plus Star interface

    What to watch on Disney Plus Star

    I have a lot of tips of all the shows and films I’ve seen over the last couple of years. It’s not possible to recommend all of them, so here’s a list of shows and films on Disney Plus Star that’s definitely worth checking out. There’s something for everybody!

    Love, Victor

    Love, Victor (show)

    Love, Victor was the first teen show that I watched and was totally in love with. It is a spin-off of the Love, Simon movie and takes place in the same universe – on the same school where Simon came out as the second gay. It’s now Latin teen Victor’s turn to face some difficulties. First on the agenda: What exactly is his sexuality?

    Genre: Comedy, drama, romance
     Michael Cimino, Anthony Turpel, Mason Gooding
    Year: 2020 –
    Number of episodes: 10 and counting
    IMDb score: 8,1

    Scream Queens

    Scream Queens (show)

    Scream Queens is another show that came out of the brain of Ryan Murphy, known for Glee, American Horror Story and The Politician. The thing with Ryan Murphy shows and films is that you either love it or you hate it. So maybe Scream Queens is not for you. A serial killer is on the loose and slowly kills everybody on a university campus. In the second season, another serial killer is doing his thing in a hospital. Filled with gruesome things, wrapped in an absurdly comedic story. Absurd is the only way I can describe Scream Queens. Worth a watch though, especially for its star-filled cast.

    Genre: Comedy, horror, mystery
     Emma Roberts, Lea Michelle, Jamie Lee Curtis
    Year: 2015 – 2016
    Number of episodes: 23
    IMDb score: 7,1

    The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel (film)

    If I wanted, I could have filled this blog post entirely with Wes Anderson films. So the thing I want to say upfront: Watch every one of them. The Grand Budapest Hotel is his best (it won 4 Oscars!) and aesthetically the most pleasing. When a writer meets the owner of a high-class hotel, he tells the writer all about his younger years – serving as a lobby boy in the hotel.

    Genre: Adventure, comedy
     Ralph Fiennes, Toni Revolori, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Saoirse Ronan (and more)
    Year: 2014
    IMDb score: 8,1

    Kingsman: The Secret Service

    Kingsman: The Secret Service (film)

    Kingsman made me fall in love with Taron Egerton, who later appeared in films such as Eddie the Eagle, Rocketman and Sing!. The Welshman has a lot to offer and is a multitalent: his comedy and action talent is seen in this film. A British secret service is looking for new recruits as an evil tech genius is working on something that’ll destroy the world as we know. A truly great action comedy with an unexpected twist at the end.

    Genre: Action, adventure, comedy
     Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Strong
    Year: 2014
    IMDb score: 7,7


    Deadpool (film)

    Deadpool might have been the reason for Disney to introduce Disney Plus Star. A movie that’s really (really) not suited for children but was a great box office hit. Another superhero movie, but different from any other. More violent, more comedy, more action. But especially more fit for grown people. Ryan Reynolds is fantastic in this film, starring as the immortal Deadpool, on the hunt for the man who ruined his life.

    Genre: Action, adventure, comedy
     Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin
    Year: 2016
    IMDb score: 8,0


    Waitress (film)

    This movie has been turned into a Broadway musical that turned out to be a huge hit and features songs written by Sara Bareilles. This movie is a bit less catchy, but tells an important story. It’s the last film of Adrienne Shelly, before she was violently murdered. As an unhappily married wife from the South of America is unwanted pregnant, she doesn’t know what to do. Her husband treats her awfully and baking pies at work seems to be the only thing that makes her life worthwhile. But when a new man moves to town, her mindset slowly changes.

    Genre: Comedy, drama, romance
     Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion, Cherryl Hynes, Adrienne Shelly
    Year: 2007
    IMDb score: 7,0

    Good Morning, Vietnam

    Good Morning, Vietnam (film)

    In true Robin Williams fashion, as no other could do, he turns a war movie into a feelgood movie. Just with the magic of one great comedic actor. He plays the real-life Adrian Cronauer, sent to Vietnam as a radio DJ. What was meant to be a regular DJ, Cronauer begins to keep morale in a war zone high while not everybody agrees with his methods.

    Genre: Biography, comedy, drama
     Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker
    Year: 1987
    IMDb score: 7,3

    That’s all folks! Have fun discovering Disney Plus Star. Need any other recommendations? You can always contact me for tips!


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