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  • That’s it for 2019. 2019 has been a rough year personally. You might have noticed that I haven’t been active for a while, but I’m back! I’ll be picking up again on blogging and my socials will be active again. I already have started preparations for some exciting new things!

    Blog recap

    My blog is slowly gaining more readers. Whereas I had 0 visitors in the first half of 2019, in the last few months I get a few of them on a daily base. I’m blogging as a small hobby, so I get happy from every reader there is!

    My blog posts have been varied. I made 5 Let’s Talk blog posts, 4 movie reviews, 2 about underrated movies, 3 lists and some other categories. I haven’t been very active in the last few months, I hoped to make one blog post each week but I’m at a total of 34 for the year. There were just some things that were more important. Take a look at all of 2019’s blog posts here.

    Socials recap

    I still don’t know what the actual F happened with my YouTube this year. I made the account when I started blogging, but I didn’t really make any use of it except for the occasional comment on trailers or something. But on the fourth of July, everything changed. I uploaded a Stranger Things clip (just because I liked it, I had no further intentions with it) but when I woke up the next night, I already had 1100 views. Within a week, I had 2 million views. The number kept increasing and increasing, and at the moment I’m at 10,3 MILLION VIEWS and have more than 10.000 subscribers. I’m blown away by all the views, likes and comments. Really. Thanks to everybody watching!

    Video views this year

    Unfortunately, this didn’t change anything in my readers on here or my other socials. But that doesn’t mean I will stop doing Instagram, Pinterest and everything else. I will be active again from now on, with a lot of new things!

    My Pinterest has been a success too this year. I started making some movie wallpapers and some of them were quite popular. I made a few of them after I saw Avengers: Endgame and those were the most popular this year. The last ones I made, on the 5th of November, were also seen by a lot of people. I will pick up my Pinterest again in the new year.

    Instagram has been steadily growing, although not too much. I will put more time into Instagram from now on, so it’s going to be a lot more active!

    Favorites of the year

    I haven’t seen a lot of 2019’s movies, but I made a top 5 of the ones I did watch. Here’s the list:

    1. Rocketman

    I’m not a big Elton John fan, I just like some of his music. His biopic, however, completely blew me away. I won’t say it’s the best movie of this year, but I liked this one the most. I love a drama movie with some comedy and music and that’s exactly what Rocketman is. Taron Egerton is amazing in this movie and everything seems to make sense. It really tells Elton’s story, not only the good and happy things.

    2. Avengers: Endgame

    The most epic ending to Marvel Phase 3 we could’ve hoped for. The movie was long but so much happened that I totally didn’t notice I had been sitting for more than 3 hours. Everything made sense and even though I didn’t want certain things to happen, this movie was great. When you start watching MCU movies, you just can’t seem to stop.

    3. The Lion King

    If it was 1994 and I would have seen the original The Lion King in the cinema, this would definitely be #1. But the remake wasn’t anything special. It’s just that I looked forward to this movie for a long time and while the story was amazing, it was still the same but with real lions. I have written a review of it, go on and read in detail what I thought of it.

    4. Spider-Man: Far from Home

    The new Spider-Man movies might be my favorite Marvel movies. Spidey is so likable and Far from Home had an amazing plot twist. This movie had a completely different villain than we’ve seen in other Marvel pics but it might be the best one we’ve seen yet.

    5. Yesterday

    I love music from The Beatles. Not that I consider myself a fan though, but I listen to their music on a regular base. This movie was on my to-watch list from the start. It isn’t a standard song-based movie and isn’t as predictable as you might think. I really liked this one!

    Things that happened in 2019

    A lot of box-office records were broken this year. Especially by Avengers: Endgame. They broke the record of the highest opening and single-gross in one day, the highest weekend debut of all time, the first movie to gross more than $300 million on its opening weekend in America, the highest worldwide opening weekend gross at $1,2 billion, fastest movie to reach $2 billion and the highest box-office of all time. Beat that, Avatar 2!

    And let me talk about the Sonic trailer. Horrible. Absolutely horrible. I really don’t know whoever thought it was a good idea to let Sonic look like this? I loved all those memes! But Sonic has been graphically updated, so let’s see if the movie’s any good. It comes out in February!

    Sonic The Hegdehog before the remake

    I have talked about Spider-Man, and things weren’t looking good for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man last summer. Sony pulled the plug on Marvel’s Spider-Man which kept him from re-appearing in any other MCU movies. But thankfully, the fight was resolved and Tom Holland stays at the MCU as Spider-Man after all!

    Cats. Awful. Nightmare material. I haven’t seen it but I can’t wait to watch it, but just not in the cinema. I wouldn’t spend an € to see it, but I do want to laugh at it. The trailer looked horrible and the reviews aren’t exactly good either. A star-filled cast surely doesn’t make the movie good. Let’s see how much it’ll lose.

    The long-awaited streaming service Disney+ premiered this year! I have used it a lot and while it may change a few things, I’m happy with it. I wrote a review about Disney+ back in September.

    We lost a lot of actors this year. Luke Perry, Rutger Hauer, Cameron Boyce, Peter Fonda and many more. I was shocked by the death of Disney actor Cameron Boyce, who suddenly passed away at age 20. Let’s remember all the people who passed away this year.

    So that’s it for 2019. And the entire decade. 2020 has some exciting things in store. A lot of new movies, the Oscars are coming up and we might see some surprises. I wish you all the best for 2020, may it be a good year!


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